Where Turkish and Scandinavian ways mix harmonically


This establishment was created to be a refined but contemporary “Istanbul” Restaurant.


The Menu and the general feel are a reflection of the Turkish- Scandinavian background of the chef/owner, Mehmet Gurs.


With its outstanding food, unbelievable view, proper service and inspiring music, Mikla is considered and was voted best restaurant in Istanbul.


Mikla is located on the roof top floor of the fashionable “ The Marmara Pera” hotel, Milkla is modern, well designed, stylish, urban and sleek and would be in the category of funky retro with chrome 70s and 50s furniture and a stunning wooden rail sleepers bar.


If you are a wine lover, you will find a list of Turkish wines that perfectly match to the 7-course menu.


If love food, Mikla will offer you an unbelievable, excellent new taste and service, the choice of different tastes in one plate and a delicious fusion.


Tip: The views are stunning and even if you don’t have a window seat does not matter as you are still close to the view.




Mon to Sat from 6pm to 11:30pm


Tel: +90(212) 2935656

Email: info@miklarestaurant.com



*one tip/ one euro

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